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ImageThe recent terrorist activities in Peshawer besides the fact who did it the important thang is who ever is doing it is certainly destroying the old heritage of the fabulous city. Peshawar is famous for it centuries old bazaars and its tea shops which are call called Kehwa Khanas.

Kehwa Khanas are no less than the historical heritage of this city.

From centuries when troops and traders used to stop in Peshawar these Qehwa Khanas used to serve the tea. Fatugue of days journey and experiences were shed at these Kehwa Khanas.

The central market of Peshawar Kissa Khawanis Bazaar (Story Tellers Market) explains the whole story of these Qehwa Khanas and the many stories which were told here by the travellers. There are manay Qehwa Khanas here.Image

Countries like Egypt story telling as an art is still popular and this is regarded as part of the fine arts. In pakistan where this art exists naturally in villages and in some tows no attention has ever been given and now this largest center of story telling is being burned but there is no sign of alarm any where.

However after the recent bombing Qhwa Khanas and the story tellers both seem to have faded what remains is fear and an uncertain future.Image

BBC Urdu’s recently made a short report on these Kahwa Khanas. An owner of Kehwa Khana says the business has become very slow one because of the bombing and second because of the crisis of the suger which is one of the most basisc comodity of the people and is also used a lot in tea. The people in Peshawar complain that government has not taken any steps to resore the damaged Kehwa Khanas. Promised for rebuilding and funds were made but none of them have been fulfilled.

On the other hand its only BBC which has taken an interest in showing this side of Peshawar local Pakistani media is busy in useless talk shows anchored by iletrate and non-intelectual personell. The Pakistani media has no idea what goes on in the streets of the country, nor they have any knowledge of the rich culture of this great city.





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